60+ Years

We are proud to be the oldest business on the Redcliffe Peninsula!

Trusted And Reliable Service For Over 60 Years

60 Years of Expertise

60 years of experience comes with 60 years of knowledge. Our experiences throughout our exceptionally long run has brought us extremely valuable knowledge and expertise that is difficult to find elsewhere. This is something that is truly special to us as our ability to do work on old cars is something that is particularly rare.

We are able to recondition any make and model. We still do work on vintage and classic engines. People struggle to find a place that have the ability to recondition older engines. Even with parts that are no longer available, we are able to make them ourselves or get them made.

We are also able to recondition the latest models. We have learnt to constantly change and adapt in our 60 years to ensure that we don’t go out of date and that we are always on top of our field. Our equipment and expertise is always upgraded and updated.

Our expertise is a huge reason why our customers keep coming back to us.

We Have Never Advertised

We have always been a business that runs on word of mouth. If the customer is happy with our service, they will tell others about us. This is how we show and prove our standard of service.

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