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Need an engine reconditioned or some routine service work? We can do it all for you and provide service you can rely upon with mechanics you can trust.

Engine Servicing

Regular car maintenance and servicing is essential for preserving your vehicle’s long term health, no matter how old your car is, or how far it has travelled in its lifetime. It is not commonly known that any vehicle can be serviced by any qualified mechanic. You are not required to go to your local car dealership provided by your warranty.

Car Reconditioning

Repair, restore and renew your vehicle. We can make your car as good as new. From looks to performance, we will make sure you car looks and operates just like new. Something that sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to recondition cylinder heads and engines.

Car Repairing

We are proud of the strong trust we have built over our 60 years of operation and are committed to continuing to be trustworthy mechanics that you can rely on. We guarantee all our customers top quality components, workmanship and service.

Popular Services

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Cylinder Head Reconditioning car service

Cylinder Head Reconditioning

We have spent decades testing, diagnosing and reconditioning cylinder heads for all kinds of vehicles. Our experience and expertise in this field is what sets us apart from other local mechanics.

We ensure that your vehicle’s cylinder heads operate at the highest possible performance. By choosing to undergo the path of cylinder head reconditioning, it is often cost effective and an efficient way of allowing your engine to be functioning at optimum levels.

Engine Reconditioning car service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Engine Reconditioning

The real value of an engine reconditioning service lies with the knowledge, skill and experience of the technicians completing the work. We are proud to say that we have over 60 years of knowledge, skill and experience, putting us amongst the best of the best.

We will disassemble individual parts to clean, repair or replace if need be and will test your engine after it has been reassembled to ensure that it is running at its top performance capabilities. Any replaced parts that we source is checked and confirmed that it is of excellent quality.

engine exchange Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Engine Exchange

We have worked on countless engines, from old classics to the latest models, making us experts in knowing what’s best for your car.

If done incorrectly, swapping the engine will have implications on the cars safety, performance, handling and reliability. We know exactly what we’re doing. Get us to do it for you!

Car Air Conditioning Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Air Conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning system isn’t keeping you and your passengers cool and comfy, it’s time for you to give us a visit and have our professionals check your air conditioning.

We do all the checks and maintenance necessary to keep you’re a/c running at top performance. We also make sure that your a/c is able to maintain a consistent temperature.

Tyre Fills, Replacements & Repair Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Tyre Fills, Replacements & Repair

Your vehicles tyres are of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe! The more your drive, the more your tyres wear down, which means the grip and traction of your tyres will lessen overtime. Slippery tyres makes every car ride a dangerous one.

Poorly fitted tyres or misalignment is just as dangerous! Simply checking your tyre’s look and threads in a lot of cases is not enough to diagnose problems that can decrease your traction while travelling. Make sure you get one of our qualified mechanics to check your tyres on a regular basis.

Log Book service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Log Book Servicing

The warranty that your car came with doesn’t always provide the best quality or cost effective servicing. Luckily for you, we are qualified to provide you a more local log book service, bringing you the ultimate convenience.

Our certified log book servicing keeps your warranties completely intact. It ensures that your vehicle operates at optimal standards and that any potential issues are detected and repaired before they can cause any major problems.

Experienced car mechanic giving advice to a DIY mechanic

Advice for the DIY Mechanic

Perhaps you consider yourself a ‘Do It Yourself’ mechanic and would rather service your car in the comfort of your own home. 

Doing it yourself and getting your hands dirty is a great way to learn and gain some valuable experience. Tell us what your doing and let us give you some advice! We’ve got over 60 years of experience so we’ve got some excellent advice to give.

spare quality car parts from ACL

Spare Parts

Our aim is always to provide the best outcome and performance for engines that we work on. Therefore, it is a strong requirement that we only source and use the best possible parts. We use ACL products for their quality, performance and reliability.

We’ve got all sorts of different parts for all different types of vehicles. We have gaskets, pistons, rings and valves of all kinds.


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