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Kia Servicing In Redcliffe


So, you own a Kia. When it is due for servicing, where do you take it? Probably to your dealer. That’s a good idea, but with J&C Autos nearby, you have an alternative. In other words, for regular vehicle service, you are not obligated to take your car to your Kia dealer. Here’s why: the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 prevent the practice of exclusive dealing where conditions are attached to the sale of goods that restrict a buyer from choosing where they go for business related to those goods. What this means is that you can buy a new Kia from the dealer, but you can go wherever you want to for the servicing of that vehicle.


The dealers can’t stop you and independent auto service centres will provide the same service as a dealer at a lower price.

Kia Service Plan at J & C Autos


So, what about your new car’s Kia Service Plan? This is the schedule of regular servicing requirements put in place by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that your vehicle remains in good running order. It includes oil and filter changes and other checks as well as the replacement of additional components as they age. Any mechanic can perform these services as long as they know what type of service is required and when. They don’t have to be part of the mechanical team at your car dealership.

Kia Car Servicing in Redcliffe


The best thing about Kia car servicing at an independent auto service centre is that the work being done somewhere other than the dealer will not void your car warranty. This is something most new car owners fear. It won’t happen provided that the vehicle servicing is performed by certified mechanics following your vehicle’s logbook. If any parts are required, as long as they are genuine Kia parts or accepted alternatives, your new car warranty stays intact.




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Kia Spare Parts – J & C Autos Has You Covered


Any time your vehicle needs service, there is the chance that something has to be repaired or replaced. This is where new parts fit into the picture. When you use a dealer, you will be provided with access to genuine Kia parts for your vehicle. When you deal with an independent auto service centre, the parts are the same. Even if the service centre cannot access genuine Kia parts, they will be able to use alternative parts that are accepted by the vehicle manufacturer and will not void your warranty.

The Hourly Rate for Servicing Your Kia


This is where you will discover the real difference between using a dealer and using an independent auto service centre for regular vehicle maintenance. The time required to complete a repair task will be much the same regardless of where you take your vehicle. That is because the manufacturer dictates the time requirements for each type of service. However, the hourly labour cost at a dealer will be higher than that at an independent service centre. It is what will make the cost difference between the two venues stand out the most. You are getting the same service, but the shop rate will be different.


How to Decide Where to Get Your Kia Serviced


Now that you know your Kia can receive the same service that your dealer performs but at a non-dealer location, and that the parts used will be either the same or authorized by the car manufacturer, and that your vehicle warranty will remain intact regardless of where you take your vehicle, where will you go? Well, the choice is entirely up to you. The important thing to factor into your decision is cost. If you are on a budget or just don’t want to pay high prices for regular vehicle maintenance, then going to a place like J&C Autos is your logical solution.

So Why Choose J & C Autos for Your Kia Service …


Kia owners can have their vehicles serviced at a more affordable price without concern over the quality of parts or the condition of your vehicle warranty. All you have to do is see J&C Autos in Redcliffe. The certified mechanics on staff can service your Kia to the same specifications as issued by the manufacturer. They will keep you safe and on the road with the same kind of service you would get from a dealer. For more information on how they can keep your Kia in good running order, call us today to book an appointment.