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How To Avoid A Holiday Breakdown


Got plans to take a trip for the holidays? The best way to avoid any issues while on the road is to have your vehicle maintained regularly. Or, at least, take it into the vehicle maintenance professionals at J&C Autos before you head out on that holiday trip. Not sure what the good mechanic in Redcliffe can do for you? Here is a list of things that fall under the category of automotive repair Redcliffe pre-holiday travel.

Get Your Tyres Checked!


Probably the most common vehicle mishap on a trip is a blown tyre. Ask J&C Autos to give your tyres an inspection looking specifically for tears or punctures that may reduce the tyre’s ability to hold the proper air pressure. Have those fixed and you should be fine. While you’re at it, have your tyres assessed. Are they too worn for long travel? Tyres with small amounts of tread are dangerous as worn tyres may not stop your vehicle in time while driving in poor road conditions.

Do You Need To Fix Your Brakes?


You already know that worn tyres are not good for your car. The same thing can be said about worn brake pads. Brake pads should be replaced every 45,000 to 60,000 kilometres. Other factors will determine the right time for replacement and the mechanics at J&C Autos will be able to tell you what interval is best for your car to keep it current and safe.




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Is Your Battery Good To Go?


The average car battery is good for three years. If your car battery is older than that, or you have difficulty starting your vehicle, then it is time for a replacement battery. Be sure to have the J&C Autos mechanic inspect your battery as sometimes the problem can be fixed. The mechanic should look for leaks, corrosion, or a swollen battery case.

Car Fluids Running Low?


Oil changes are likely already a way of life for you and your car. But several other fluids require regular attention including brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and radiator coolant. The J&C Autos team will top up these fluid levels to keep your vehicle running well.

A Clean Air Filter Helps Your Car Run Smoothly


The air filter plays an important role in that it prevents particles and debris from finding their way into your engine. A clogged air filter cannot properly capture these particles and debris. Ask the J&C Autos mechanic to either clean your air filter or replace it if required.

Clean, Working Lights And Wipers


Headlights and tail lights are vital for you to see where you are going and for other drivers to see you. Have the J&C Autos mechanic inspect all lights to confirm there are no shorts or dim bulbs. Also, wiper blades should be in good condition to properly clear the windshield of rain, or any other substance that can block your vision while driving.


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Keeping Cool While Travelling With A Well Maintained Air Conditioner


The air conditioning ensures that the inside of your vehicle maintains a comfortable temperature regardless of the season. The J&C Autos team should take a look at yours and see if there are any problems. Issues can range from burnt-out fuses and leaks to a bad clutch and clogged air filter. Quick service on the A/C will keep you cool while on the road.

When Should You Book An Appointment?


Ideally, if you have a special holiday trip planned, it is best to not leave the vehicle inspection until the last minute. For best results, book your appointment with J&C Autos car mechanic Redcliffe at least a week or two before your trip. If you have a big enough window to book a month in advance, that would be even better.

There is a lot of excitement that surrounds a holiday road trip. The last thing you need is to end up sitting on the roadside waiting for a tow truck to take you to the nearest service centre because of a breakdown. You can avoid this from happening by simply getting your vehicle looked at before you head out on your trip. In Redcliffe, you should be booking your appointment today to see the mechanics at J&C Autos. They will inspect your vehicle from front to back and repair or replace whatever is needed to keep you and your family safe while on the road.