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How Important Is It To Replace Air And Fuel Filters Regularly?

Car filters are essential pieces of automotive equipment. They ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. Your vehicle contains four main filters, each performing a vital role in the operation of your vehicle. Each of these filters is essential to different parts of your vehicle and works to keep them from getting filled with various pollutants that can develop into performance issues. Let’s take a closer look at each of these filters and what their job is when installed.


Cabin Filter


The cabin filter keeps the air that enters the interior of the vehicle clean. This filter traps dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants from the heating and air conditioning part of your car. Air filters allow you and your passengers to breathe cleaner air, prevent visibility problems from developing from smoke entering the vehicle and extend the life of the airconditioning system in your vehicle. When a cabin filter gets clogged, it may hamper airflow into the interior of the vehicle. This can be a problem, especially if you are trying to defog the windshield.

Air Filter


The car air filter is responsible for the performance of your vehicle. It traps dust, particles, insects, debris, and sand from entering the engine compartment. Air filters assist your vehicle in running with maximum power as the clean air that mixes with fuel results in good combustion. With good combustion comes great fuel economy. So, when the air filter is clean, it saves on fuel costs. Your vehicle may hint to you that the air filter needs replacement when it produces black smoke and sends it through the exhaust system.



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Oil Filter


The oil filter ensures that oil flows smoothly into the engine compartment. It does this by trapping dirt, tiny pieces of metal, oxidized oil, and other debris from mixing with the oil. The interesting thing about oil filters is that they can hold a lot of gunk until your vehicle is due for its next oil change. An oil filter reduces wear and tear on the engine. A clogged oil filter will permit some pollutants to pass through which can delay oil delivery and this can damage the engine in many ways up to and including failure.


Fuel Filter


The fuel filter performs a very important role in the performance of your vehicle. It removes various impurities from the fuel line such as rust, grit, and dust. This ensures that the fuel that flows through the fuel injectors is clean. A clogged fuel filter can impact the flow of fuel which may weaken engine performance. Plus, when the fuel filter is not working correctly, it forces the fuel pump to work harder. When this happens, your vehicle may be more difficult to start or may stall frequently, or be slow to accelerate.


Why Clean Filters Are So Important


The bottom line regarding regular replacement of the oil, air, and fuel filters in your vehicle is that when you have them checked and replaced when needed, your vehicle will perform at its best. If you prefer your vehicle to be reliable when you need it, one of the most important maintenance jobs is to have the filters changed. At J&C Autos, your local Redcliffe mechanic, we understand how vital it is to the way your vehicle operates to have air filters and fuel filters changed regularly. Contact us today to have a filter inspection and if any require changing, we can discuss the fuel filter replacement cost with you.

What Filters Are Designed To Do


Just as the name implies, a filter will screen whatever is pushed through it. Your vehicle has two different air filters, one in the cabin, and one that leads to the engine compartment. These trap airborne items. Your vehicle also has a fuel filter and an oil filter. These trap floating items that are carried by the liquids that are being filtered. In reality, automobile filters perform a simple task. They create a barrier that prevents impurities from passing through. It is from this simple task that the performance of your vehicle is either improved or negatively impacted. It depends on the condition of the filters.

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To keep your vehicle performing as it should, you need to have the filters checked and replaced when necessary. In the Redcliffe area, J&C Autos can take care of all your filter replacement needs. Contact the professional team of mechanics at J&C Autos today to book your filter replacement.