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Getting a pre-Easter check-up for your car


The Easter holidays are coming and we could all use a break. For most families, just getting out of the house is a mission. Luggage? Check. Kids toys? Check. Snacks for the trip? Check.

But, this Easter, don’t forget the most important thing to check before you hit the road – your vehicle!

Only half of Australians say they do vehicle checks before they leave on a trip. This could put you and your family at risk, and others on the road as well.

Get where you’re going safely this holiday by booking a pre-Easter check-up at J&C Auto’s car servicing in Redcliffe before you go. Here are some vital checks we do to prevent trouble down the road.

Car parts to check before an Easter road trip


BatteryJ & C Auto's car battery and jumper leads car engine

Is your car battery starting to corrode? Is it dirty? Are the wires connected properly? Your battery will perform at its best if it’s clean, free of rust, and running smoothly.


Car owners often forget to check brake lights, headlights, high beams, and blinker lights between J & C Auto's car with its headlights on night drivingservices, so they don’t know a light is out until someone tells them. We make sure every light is functioning at 100%, make any adjustments and replace any broken ones.


Brake discs

We take brakes very seriously at J&C Auto’s car repair Redcliffe. When you have your pre-Easter check, weJ & C Auto's disc brakes brake pads examine the discs, drums, and pad for wear; noises, like squealing; and rust and debris. If you suspect that something isn’t right with your brakes at any time, never hesitate to contact us.

Fluid levels

Your car has many fluids that need topping up regularly, including oil, coolant, brake fluid, wiper washerJ & C Auto's filling car fluids and power steering fluid. We’ll check their levels and top up with high-quality product. We’ll also see if they need replacement fluid. Clogged up oil and dirty fluid will affect how well your car runs.

Windscreen wipers

If your wipers aren’t working well, driving through the rain at high speed becomes treacherous. And if they have dirt, sand, or grit on them, the wipers could scratch and damage the windscreen. We clean the wipersJ & C Auto's car windscreen wiper in the rain to make sure they’re ready for rain. We also check the windscreen for cracks, as small cracks become large ones very quickly. We can fix any small cracks in our auto repair shop Redcliffe.



You might not consider your car suspension much, but it’s doing a great job keeping you safe. Suspension absorbs the impact from rough roads, and helps you corner and brake. It prevents rolling and keeps you onJ & C Auto's underneath car suspension the road. So all suspension parts like springs, shock absorbers and ball joints must be checked regularly and replaced when they wear out. And if you need any suspension auto spares in Redcliffe, we’ll look after you.

Why Car Tyres Matter


Tyres are an extremely important car part to check before you set off on a road trip. While we encourage car owners to check their tyres every month, it often gets forgotten in the busyness of daily life.

J & C Auto's local mechanic car repairs Redcliffe check your tyres

Here are some things we examine to prevent serious accidents caused by faulty tyres:

Tyre tread – The amount of tread on your tyres can affect how well the car grips the road, gets rid of water and handles overall. If the grooves wear down, your car might slide on corners and handle badly in the wet. The minimum legal tread is 1.6mm, so we’ll check that your tyre tread will keep you out of trouble.

Tyre pressure – Under-inflated tyres can wear out faster, reduce stopping distance and impact handling. Always inflate your tyres to the pressure recommended by the tyre manufacturer. If you’re loading up your car with luggage, people and equipment, you might have to adjust for the weight. We can advise you about this.

Tyre condition – We will also check the general condition of your tyres and look for other signs of wear, and rocks and other sharp objects in the tread. Uneven wear might indicate that you need a wheel alignment and/or rotation before you go.


Getting your car prepared for Easter


Checking your car before you leave for your Easter trip will prevent a wide range of problems. You don’t want to find yourself on the side of the road a long way from home with fast-melting Easter eggs!

It’s always best to get a professional to check it. Our expert mechanics at J & C Autos spare parts Redcliffe will make sure your car is safe and ready for a fun Easter.


Happy Easter travelling from Craig and the team at J&C Autos!