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Fuel Injectors - Keep Them Clean and Working Properly


Does your vehicle idle roughly? Does it misfire from time to time? Does the tachometer needle bounce around a bit erratically every so often? If you have experienced any of these situations, it could mean that your vehicle needs a fuel injector system flush or new fuel injectors.

What Are Fuel Injectors?


Think of the nozzle of your garden hose. Fuel injectors are pretty much the same thing only a lot smaller. Their primary function is to send a precisely measured amount of fuel into the combustion chambers of your vehicle’s engine. The computerized system determines the exact amount of fuel that gets squirted from the injectors in a mist form. This action happens thousands of times per minute and the better the fuel injectors work, the more fuel-efficient your vehicle becomes. Clean car injectors help your vehicle to perform well.

How Your Fuel System Operates


Fuel injectors are just part of the equation. Everything starts with the fuel you filled your vehicle’s tank with. A fuel pump pulls the fuel from the tank and pushes it through the fuel line. This feeds to the injectors. The injectors send fuel into either a cylinder or combustion chamber where it is ignited. The pressure required to go through the injectors is determined by the fuel pump which, in newer model vehicles, is in the 30,000 to 35,000 pounds of force per square inch (PSI) range. Essentially, the more pressure used to send the fuel through the system translates to more efficient burning of that fuel. Clean injectors are vital for the system to run smoothly.




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What Happens With Clogged Fuel Injectors?


Fuel injectors build up deposits on the tips of the nozzles. This normally occurs when fuel remains in the injector tips after you shut your vehicle off. The remaining fuel gets “cooked” and will adhere to the injector tips. Other debris that can clog injectors includes dirt, grime, wax, and carbon. When the fuel injectors are not spotlessly clean, they start to function in ways they are not designed to do. This may result in misfires, rough idling, and even a tachometer that has a needle that dances around much more than it should. Those are the visible signs. The invisible signs of clogged fuel injectors include poor fuel economy and less than stellar auto performance.

What Should You Do When You See The Signs?


If you believe that your vehicle is suffering from clogged fuel injectors, take it to your Redcliffe mechanic, J&C Autos. They will service your vehicle by changing the fuel filter and performing a fuel injector system flush to clean the fuel injectors. They will also inspect them and recommend you replace any old ones with new fuel injectors.

Can You Clean Fuel Injectors Youself?


A fuel injector service is not a DIY project. Only a professional Redcliffe mechanic has access to the tools and possesses the expertise to take apart your vehicle’s fuel system. That very same professional is required to clean or replace the injectors, and reassemble the serviced fuel system. Because the engine components that make up the fuel system in your vehicle are so sensitive, any minor damage suffered by any of the parts will result in costly repairs to restore your vehicle’s fuel system to proper working order. This is why you should have your vehicle serviced at J&C Autos in Redcliffe.

Don’t Fuel Additives Keep The Fuel System Clean?


Additives do have a place in helping keep the fuel system clean, however, other issues can occur that additives are unable to resolve. For example, a rusty fuel tank may send small bits of debris through the fuel lines as collected by the fuel pump. These bits of rust or other dirt particles can clog the system causing the injectors to not function properly. A fuel filter that has been damaged in any way can also be the source of debris that gets fed through the fuel line and creates a problem when it arrives at the fuel injectors.


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If your vehicle starts to run poorly, has decreased in fuel efficiency, or just does not seem to perform as well as it once did, there could be an issue with the fuel injectors. Fortunately, J&C Autos in Redcliffe can take care of the situation. The next time you have your vehicle serviced by the professional mechanics at J&C Autos request that they give your fuel injectors a servicing as well.