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Our experienced team have worked on old classics through to the latest models.

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Engine Reconditioning is the maintenance of a used engine to enhance its performance and efficiency with the goal of extending its lifespan.

The engine is the heart of the car; the most important part of any and all cars.  It is common for some car owners to attempt engine reconditioning by themselves, however, we would strongly advise against this because of its importance and complexity.

Modern engines are complicated yet we have the ability to recondition any engine that is able to be repaired.

car engine being reconditioned at redcliffe
car engine reconditioning in a mechanic workshop

How do you know if your engine needs to be reconditioned?

Engine Light
The easiest and most obvious way to tell if your engine needs to be reconditioned is the indication made by the engine light. When the engine light first comes on, it may seem like there’s no change in your car’s performance, but the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.



Decrease In Performance
A decrease in engine performance and power or fuel economy can mean that there is issues with the engine. There can be numerous issues that can cause these engine problems, so it is important to get certified professional to diagnose your engine.



Increase In Exhaust Smoke
An increase in exhaust smoke or a change in the colour of the smoke are signs of engine probems. You are usually able to tell what the problem is based on the colour of the smoke. Blue smoke means that the engine is burning oil. White smoke shows that the coolant is leaking which will lead to overheating issues. Black smoke means that the engine is burning too much gas.  



Knocking Noise
A loud banging sound from under the hood is an indication that the engine bearings have been worn out and need to be replaced. These bearings are heavily relied on by many of the engine’s moving parts. These bearings can stop working due to improper lubrication and will result in the engine seizing up.   



More Services

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engine exchange Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Engine Exchange

We have worked on countless engines, from old classics to the latest models, making us experts in knowing what’s best for your car.

If done incorrectly, swapping the engine will have implications on the cars safety, performance, handling and reliability. We know exactly what we’re doing. Get us to do it for you!

Car Air Conditioning Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Air Conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning system isn’t keeping you and your passengers cool and comfy, it’s time for you to give us a visit and have our professionals check your air conditioning.

We do all the checks and maintenance necessary to keep you’re a/c running at top performance. We also make sure that your a/c is able to maintain a consistent temperature.

Tyre Fills, Replacements & Repair Engine reconditioning service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Tyre Fills, Replacements & Repair

Your vehicles tyres are of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping you and your passengers safe! The more your drive, the more your tyres wear down, which means the grip and traction of your tyres will lessen overtime. Slippery tyres makes every car ride a dangerous one.

Poorly fitted tyres or misalignment is just as dangerous! Simply checking your tyre’s look and threads in a lot of cases is not enough to diagnose problems that can decrease your traction while travelling. Make sure you get one of our qualified mechanics to check your tyres on a regular basis.

Log Book service in Redcliffe, Clontarf & Margate

Log Book Servicing

The warranty that your car came with doesn’t always provide the best quality or cost effective servicing. Luckily for you, we are qualified to provide you a more local log book service, bringing you the ultimate convenience.

Our certified log book servicing keeps your warranties completely intact. It ensures that your vehicle operates at optimal standards and that any potential issues are detected and repaired before they can cause any major problems.

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