filling fuel tank

Driving Tips To Help Your Car Go Further Between Fills


With the price of fuel always going up, it sometimes seems as if you are always emptying your wallet when the fuel gauge slides next to the E.

While there are many ways to save on fuel costs, the way you drive your vehicle will have the greatest impact on that.

To help you get a little more out of the bottom half of your fuel tank, here are some helpful driving tips.


1 – Drive Economically


So, what exactly does that mean? Well, when you drive around town you will use far less fuel if you drive smoothly and maintain a steady speed. This means gearing up or down sensibly or just easing up on the accelerator once your vehicle reaches speed if driving an automatic. Try not to be on the road during peak travel times to avoid getting caught in heavy traffic and do not idle the engine for extended periods. 

You will use less fuel on the freeway if you drive slower. Believe it or not, you can cut your fuel consumption by up to 25% by driving at speeds 20 km/h less than you normally would. Also, if your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, use it and refrain from using the air conditioner unless you need it. Keep windows closed, if you do not have air conditioning, opting to use the vehicle’s ventilation system instead. For vehicles that have power and economy modes, use the economy mode.

2 – Take Care Of Your Car And Save


A well-maintained vehicle is going to operate better between fill-ups and cost you less in the long run for any additional repairs. To do this, have a mechanic regularly tune the engine, keep the filters in good condition, maintain the fuel and ignition systems, and have regular oil changes using the proper oil as recommended by the car manufacturer. 

car engine being maintenanced by car mechanic



3 – Use The Correct Tyre Pressure


For safer handling and better fuel economy, fill your vehicle tyres to pressure just slightly higher than stated in your owner’s manual or stamped on the inside of the driver’s door.

Maintain correct tyre pressure

4 – Check The Wheel Alignment


Rolling resistance is what you are trying to avoid and wheels out of alignment can cause it. So can brakes that are dragging. With wheels in alignment, the vehicle will move smoothly forward and backward.

wheel alignment

5 – Carry Less When You Don’t Have To Have A Full Load


The more you carry inside your vehicle, the more fuel you will use. One way to improve fuel economy is to carry less and don’t load your vehicle with bulky items that will just ride around with you for days. Also, a roof rack increases wind resistance which makes your vehicle work harder when moving and that uses more fuel.

6 – Have Two Cars? Use The Smaller One


If you happen to live in a household that has more than one vehicle, use the smaller one whenever possible. It will be more fuel-efficient and if you are looking to buy a new car, put serious consideration into the fuel economy of the vehicles you are looking at.

7 – Don’t Rely On Fuel Saving Devices


There are many devices in the marketplace that claim to improve the performance of your vehicle and save on fuel. These are, in most cases, nothing more than a gadget with little or no scientific verification. However, you can check them out yourself and you should only consider those that are proven by a properly accredited local testing authority using the Australian Standard 4430.2 test protocol. One more thing to consider is the cost of installing the device and how long it will take to recoup that against future fuel savings.

8 – Use Your Car Less


This may seem far too obvious but if you have other options ranging from public transportation, carpooling, walking or riding a bike to get to where you are going, use them. Even if it is just once or twice a week that you leave your car in your yard. The less you use it when you don’t have to use it, the better your fuel economy.

Making a full tank of fuel last longer is not so hard if you use practical and logical means to do so. By ensuring that your vehicle is running in top condition and not working it as hard when you do use it, you will see that tank of fuel lasts longer.