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Classic or clunker: Well-maintained Commodores become collectibles


In Australia, we all grew up with Holden Commodores – they’re a part of our childhood. But with production of these classic cars ending, our customers have been concerned about future servicing and spare parts for their existing vehicles.

The good news is that, at J & C Autos, we can continue to service and repair your Holden for as long as you have it. And, in even better news, your Holden Commodore may be increasing in value right now.

If you maintain your regular servicing and replace any parts when needed, you could have a great investment on your hands.


Saying goodbye to the Commodore


As lovers of the Holden Commodore – from the very first VB to the last VF – we were gutted by the news that Holden would end production of this iconic brand.

The first Commodore launched in 1978 and was produced in Australia until 2017 when the Adelaide plant closed.

In the 1990s, around 100,000 Holden Commodore sedans sold every year. But sales have dropped over the last 10 years, as consumers have moved away from sedan models. The last Commodore car was sold in 2020 and Holden’s focus is now on SUVs and utes.

Although this is very sad for any Holden lover, there could be a silver lining for anyone still holding onto their older Commodore: the model is set to become the next classic car.

Holden Commodores increasing in value


Currently, there are around 1.6 million Commodore drivers in Australia – from well-used family cars to much-loved high-performance vehicles.

Over the next decade, well-maintained performance cars like a V8 or even a Holden V6 are likely to increase in value and become collectible or classic cars. The VF Commodore, Torana and Monaro especially will see a massive increase in value.

For example:

  • a 1970s GTS Holden Monaro is selling for up to $235,000
  • the last edition VF Commodore is selling for up to $99,000 (more than its 2017 price of $60,000)
  • a Holden Torana A9X is selling for at least $250,000.

However, if you have an imported Holden that was built overseas, you’ll find that it’s value won’t increase that much. Collectors truly value the Australian-made models.

Basically, if it’s a car that you dreamed of buying and racing as a kid, it’s probably going to increase in value. This has more to do with nostalgia for our childhoods than the actual value of the car.

So, it’s worth looking after your beloved Commodore and keeping it in great condition. It could be worth a small fortune. 



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Servicing and spare parts for Commodores


Of course, if you use your Holden Commodore V6 to bush bash on the weekends or let it rust sitting on the street, you won’t have much of an investment on your hands.

It’s essential to continue to regularly service your vehicle to keep it in tip-top condition. You also need to store it in the right conditions to maintain its quality over the years.

With production ending, there was some concern from Commodore owners about getting spare parts for their vehicle in coming years. That’s no problem – at J & C Autos, we have everything you need.

We will make sure you can purchase Commodore spares and repairs for many years to come. This includes alternators, radiators, water and fuel pumps, filters and body parts.

As the years roll by, these parts might be harder to come by, so you need a contact with a huge network who will always make sure you can get what you need.

Our mechanics are always on the lookout for spare parts so we can continue to service our customers’ Holden vehicles well into the future.

Ask us about Commodore servicing and parts

At J & C Autos in Redcliffe, we are as saddened by the loss of the Holden Commodore as you are. Over 60 years, we’ve serviced and repaired many thousands of these vehicles and have owned quite a few ourselves. So, we’re passionate about maintaining our customers’ existing Commodores and keeping them on the road for as long as possible.

Call J & C Autos today to ask us about getting a service or spare parts for your Commodore.