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Flooded car repair – where do you start?


Recently, we have all experienced the devastation of floods in Queensland and New South Wales. Our hearts go out to everyone who was directly affected by this event.

If your car was one of the many caught up in the floods, you might be wondering what to do next. It’s tempting to just start it up and see if it goes, or write it off as a lost cause. But you shouldn’t do either of those things – just yet.

At J & C Autos, we’re experts in flooded car repairs. We can inspect every inch of your car at our auto repair shop in Redcliffe to see how much damage has been caused and whether it can be repaired.

Read more about what to do if your car is flooded.


Car damage caused by water



Any water that gets into your car can be a problem. Saltwater is corrosive and can destroy the components. Fresh water can bring mud, silt and debris.

Water can ruin mechanical parts, electrical systems and safety features, like brakes and steering, making it dangerous to drive. Water can also create mould, mildew and an odour that will stick around for years to come.

The longer your car has been in water, the greater the damage. Your insurer might even declare it a total loss. But it’s not all bad news. Often, we can repair a flood-damaged car with engine reconditioning and spare parts.

When you bring your vehicle into our auto spares shop in Redcliffe, we will inspect the damage and advise you on your options. But first, there’s some things you need to do.

What to do if your car is



The first thing to do is stop – don’t start the car! If the engine, transmission or electricals have water in them, you could damage the car further by turning it on. Secondly, if your car is insured, please contact your insurance company as they may have their own procedure they want you to follow. Depending on your coverage, you might get a replacement car if it’s written off or a payment for repairs.

If you are not insured or elect to do some of the work yourself and you are mechanically minded and know how, disconnect the battery and open all the doors. Take photos of any damage, as you might need it for insurance later.

Then dry out the car. Remove every item you can (including seats) and place them in the sun to dry. Fans might also help. Get as much moisture as possible out of the car to prevent mould and mildew.

Also check the oil and wiring for water or other problems before you start your vehicle. And check the brakes and steering before driving it anywhere.

If you establish that the car is safe and still runs, bring it to us for a full inspection. We will determine how much damage the water caused and advise you on what to do next.

Note: Don’t use a mechanic without expertise in flooded car repair. They could actually make the situation worse and potentially dangerous. As experts in car repair in Redcliffe, we provide the experienced and qualified care you need after flood damage.


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Our flooded car repairs


When you bring your car into J & C Autos, we will:

  • test all safety features, including steering and brakes
  • check and drain fluids, including oil and fuel, to remove contamination and water
  • check cooling and ventilation systems for mud and debris
  • check transmission, spark plugs and wheel bearings for water damage
  • check and clean electrical components to see if they will work again
  • check other components, like head and tail lights, blinkers and locking system.

Depending on the damage to the engine, we may be able to recondition the engine.

Engine reconditioning involves maintaining a used engine to enhance its performance and efficiency, and extend its life. After a car has been flooded, engine reconditioning could be useful to rebuild the entire engine, or fix some damaged parts and replace other parts.

We have a wide range of high-quality auto spares in Redcliffe, so we should be able to find parts quickly for you.

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If your car is flooded, don’t try to fix it yourself – only a professional should deal with water-damaged vehicles.

At J & C Autos, we provide high-quality and affordable servicing and spares for your car after flooding or driving through water.

Contact us today about getting your car inspected and repaired after flood damage.