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Auto Air Conditioning

Nothing makes spending time in your vehicle, especially in Queensland, traveling to a holiday destination, or commuting to work more enjoyable than with air conditioning. It keeps the vehicle comfortable to be in and can be a real lifesaver on a, particularly hot and humid day. However, there are times when your auto air conditioning is not working properly and needs repair.

At J & C Auto’s, we can correct any problem with your A/C to keep you comfortable on the road.

 How can you tell when your vehicle needs an air conditioner service?

Here is a list of some of the most common signs that should tip you off.


1 – There Is No Air Blowing From Your Air Conditioner


If you hop into your vehicle and crank on the air, then run it up to full speed and nothing happens, you have a problem. There are a few possibilities as to why no air is blowing and they include a fuse that has burned out, a failed blower motor/resistor, or the air intake is blocked.

2 – The Air Conditioner Is Making Odd Noises


Anytime you hear something coming out of your auto air conditioner that wasn’t there before spells trouble. The sound you may hear will likely fall under the category of banging, humming, or rattling. These could point to an obstruction in the system, a worn bearing, blower motor or compression clutch have failed, or something far more serious.

3 – There Is A Bad Smell Coming From The Air-Con Vents


You shouldn’t smell anything bad when you turn your air conditioner on. If you do, you are picking up the start of the growth of bacteria. These smells can be caused by the age of your vehicle, not using the air conditioner frequently enough, or moisture trapped in the system.

4 – The Floor Is Damp


Moisture is supposed to be sent outside of your vehicle. Finding moisture on the floor of your vehicle indicates that there is a backup somewhere and moisture is now being spilled onto the floor of the passenger side of your vehicle. This may be the result of a clogged drain line or excess condensation.

5 – The Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air


When your air conditioner is sending out cool air that could be a lot colder, there are a few possibilities as to what is happening with your cooling system. The refrigerant may be low, the condenser may be blocked or has failed, or there is a blockage in the system that has impacted pressures.

6 – The Air Temperature Changes Often


If the auto air conditioner was working fine for a while, then suddenly gets warm or flips back and forth from cold to warm there is a problem that should be looked at. This issue can be caused by an expansion valve that has failed, a clogged evaporator, or low refrigerant level creating a lack of pressure.

What Should You Do If  Your Car Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly?


If your auto air conditioning is acting up in any way, bring your vehicle to J & C Auto’s. Even if you can’t identify the issue on the list above, we can help rectify the problem and get you back on the road quickly and in comfort with your air conditioning system working as it should. We do that by simply starting the process with an inspection of your air conditioner.


The A/C Inspection Process


When you bring your vehicle to us at J & C Auto’s, we will give your air conditioner a thorough inspection. It will include a visual inspection of all belts and hoses to detect any cracks, breaks, or unusual wear. We follow that with an electronic test for leaks or contamination. That leads to another inspection but this time of all major component operations. We then conduct a duct temperature efficiency measurement and diagnose the problem. Repairs or part replacements are done, and the system gets tested again to ensure that when you want cold air, you get cold air.