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Repair. Maintenance. Service. With over 60 years of experience.


Owner & Founder

I’ve had this workshop here in Redcliffe for 60 years – but I’ve also had a workshop in Sandgate for 4 years before this. I started my first workshop when I was just 17.

I’ve always been super passionate about cars – but it’s not just the cars – it’s helping people as well. I really feel sorry for people who get ripped off. It’s really sad when this happens… people don’t get what they pay for… it really upsets me.

Providing Expert & Honest Service For Over 60 Years

Our Service

Our service is always about the customer and always has been. We realise and truly understand that the customer is the main part in any business. We always look after our customers to the best of our ability. 

“You’ve got to keep the customer happy all the time, no matter what. If you don’t have a customer, you’ve got nothing.”   – Craig

We Have Never Advertised

We have always been a business that runs on word of mouth. If the customer is happy with our service, they will tell others about us. This is how we show and prove our standard of service.

60 Years of Expertise

We’ve got the ability and the knowledge to recondition any make and model. We still do work on vintage and classic engines. People struggle to find a place that have the knowledge and experience to recondition older engines. This is something that is really special to us as we have spent the last 60 years building on this knowledge.

Our Experts

Get to know our tight-knit team here at J&C Auto’s!


Owner & Founder
Expert Mechanic For 65+ Years


A-Grade Mechanic For 32+ Years


Engine Machinist For 2+ Years


A-Grade Mechanic & Technician
For 40+ Years


Engine Reconditioning Apprentice


Suspension, Brakes & Engine Repairs Mechanic For 10+ Years

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