5 Tips On How To Make Your Car Last Longer Than Expected

car engine being maintenanced by car mechanic

Scheduling a regular checkup on your car and any other types of automobiles is very important to ensure that the car will last long and to avoid any inconvenience that may happen while being used.

It is even recommended that having daily checkup on your car by yourself will help you save thousands of dollars as it avoids you going into a repair shop that may later cost you a lot more. The aim of preventive maintenance is to keep car owners happy as well as preventing unnecessary costs.

Recently, there have been several articles that were posted, giving us tips and information on how we can make our cars last longer than expected. We have listed them for you here and have also explained the points for a better understanding.


1. Check the air filter.

A clogged filter is one of the most common car problems. It is advised that the air filter should be replaced every 12 months or after 20,000KM and having it checked regularly will also be helpful in allowing your car to perform well. You maybe wondering if it’s easy to clean or replace the car filter? Well, it’s a piece of cake, checkout some videos on the web as they have step-by-step instructions on how to carefully clean or replace the air filter.

car engine air filter


2. Regularly inspect fluids and tire pressure of the car.

Every part of the car plays an important role and two of these parts are the tires and the car fluid. Having them checked before you leave is the best way to prevent any untoward incidents that may happen. As for the tires, one way to keep them up to check are regular tire rotations and occasionally checking the tire pressure. As for the car fluids, always check that they are at the correct level and check the oil color before replacing it.

car fluids engine coolant


3. Check your battery.

Another essential part of the car is the battery. Always have it checked before using it to ensure that your car will run smoothly. To check if the battery is still in good condition, check the cables and the terminals first. Clean the battery if needed and you may use the dielectric grease to make it corrosion free. If you want to know if the battery is fully charged, use a multimeter while the engine is off.

car battery


4. Change the spark plugs.

If you car is not working efficiently, even after checking all parts of the car, you might want to check the spark plugs. Check your manual to know when you can possibly replace the spark plugs.

mechanic servicing car engine spark plugs


5. Keep your tires regularly rotated and balanced.

This is one of the tricks that mostly car owners are doing to avoid easily wearing out the tires. It is advised that it should be rotated every 9,000KM to 12,000KM.

car tire tread


Keeping your car well-maintained by performing regular checkups is still the best way to make your car last for years and years. It would also be helpful if you read and learn the basic procedures in checking your car without having to get it checked by car mechanics. It will not only help you save money but it also keeps you stay aware of your car’s running condition.